To-Do List 2018

Time to organize for the new year's changes. New conference sessions, workshops, and training are on the calendar. Of course, I have to make a To-Do list.  I've drafted one in Google Keep for my "cloud" list. Also I'm cleaning out my home office where I can make a wall-size To-Do list. Nothing fancy, just use the bulletin board my daughter left on the bedroom wall. Somewhere in one of my boxes are stored two of those ribbon photo display boards that may end up that wall.

Google Keep To-Do List

What's on my list

1. Update, revise, change up my blog design. 

My Victorian black and white wallpaper background is so early 2000's! Looking for a cleaner theme which seems to be the trend these days.

2. Design a new blog header.

The old header is "busy" with too many images.  My old library is the background with multiple variations of my avatar. I do enjoy creating my avatar alter ego.  "Eleanor" will probably never go away totally. Just such fun to have a different image for presentations! However, for a blog header, this really doesn't say who I am today.

Blog Header - Before Version

3. Update profile information.

Super important to update your biography - about me - information.  This includes all your social media outlets.  You just never know where someone may check out your profile for conferences.

4. Organize digital portfolio.

I've always kept a Google Site for conference handouts and slideshows. Time to have an early winter cleaning of really old presentations - archive those for my own references.  Google Sites has introduced the "new" Google Sites so I'll be migrating the current site over to the new format.  I started moving it manually and finally saw the note that Google will be providing a means to handle that in January 2018.  

5. Curate posts, links, and resources.

Take a moment to add a sub-list to the To-Do list. I've spent the past few months saving links from Facebook groups like Future Ready Librarians and professional pages like Richard Byrne's Free Tech for Teachers postings. I need to collect the best ideas, toss them into Google Keep with labels. My Pinterest boards need a major over-haul! I've neglected them terribly! is out-of-control with way too many keyword searches for those boards.  For upcoming workshops, I really need to clean those up plus make new versions of curated sources such as Padlet, Symbaloo, and several others.  If  I'm sharing new resources, its best if I show my own work.  I've always used HootSuite so I need to get serious and organize those columns which can include, Instagram and more. Click once and post to multiple apps!

Those 5 items should keep me busy for a few days.  It feels good to get back into creative mode to design and plan. I've been working on the blog re-design - WIP - but it's getting there! Check it out Linda J Dougherty! I'll be sharing out my progress and design decisions.