Changing up the Library Spaces

Changing up the Library Spaces

Spring Cleaning

Moving Fiction from one side of the library to the other plus keeping the books in order by author.
My co-librarian Rhonda completed the genrefication of the fiction books a couple of years ago. Fiction has the color code labels but we decided to keep the books in order by author's name.  Several of the YA authors, especially, write books in different genres. Our students have favorite authors so they wanted to go grab the next books in their fav writer's series. 

In less than two weeks, we moved the whole library collection by switching the fiction and nonfiction sections. To make the nonfiction collection fit into its new home, over 2,000 books were weeded. Drastic cuts took no prisoners of any books that had not been checked out in recent times. 

Weeded Nonfiction Books

Conclusion of Spring Cleaning

1. Fiction books will have room to "breathe" in their larger space.
2. Nonfiction book collection is on its way to being streamlined to what the students actually use in a print version for personal reading as well as research.

Biography and Nonfiction Bookshelves
3. Empty book shelves are waiting to be removed and recycled where they will be used within the high school building.