Monday, July 20, 2015

YouTube Apps - Make Your Own GIF's

 Hurrah! This works!

Super easy way to create your own GIF's. Simply key in the word gif in front of the words youtube in the url of action shot you are wanting to capture.  For example:

With the click of the Enter key, your video is flipped over to GIFTY creator

Just complete the simple directions on the screen. The hardest part is to find the start and end points on the YouTube video.  Add a title and any other text or captions. Click Create GIF. Now you have a GIF of Justin Timberlake doing "The Carlton" with Alfonso Ribeiro.

The GIFYT Creator gives your three options to share your GIF creation with the first two being direct URL links to the GIF.  The third option allows you to embed the GIF. 

Quick GIF from Morrissey performing at Edgefield, Portland, Oregon

Easy and fun creative options for educators and students.

Thanks to Jay Atwood for this fun idea at the GAFE Summit in Kansas City.

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Thursday, July 9, 2015

#SummerCleaning plus How to Channel Your Inner "van Gogh"

Images by Linda Dougherty created on Waterlogue and collaged on PicMonkey


Is your iPhone or iPad jammed with images from just a month of summer vacationing? Take a moment while you binge watch Game of Thrones on HBO to organize your favorites and delete those duplicates. Really? You don't have duplicates? How to Delete Pictures on an iPad gives a nice basic review on deleting from the iPad itself or connecting to a computer to delete or move pictures to storage.  Do a bit of cleaning up...think of it as summer house cleaning.

Channeling Your Inner "van Gogh"

While reading my latest copy of Midwest Living magazine, I caught a mention of
an app to turn a photograph into a watercolor style painting. Waterlogue for iOS devices was a Best of 2014 App Store with a low cost of $2.99 and tons of great reviews. 
Yes, other applications are out there that will do the same thing but Waterlogue just has a bit of magic going on.  Seriously, I'd rather play with images with this app than spend time on Facebook with my relatives.  I found landscapes, buildings, and flowers worked well changing into a watercolor print.  My sister's kitty picture took a bit of tweaking.  I made several of my German Shepherd but he is so dark, he just looked like a blob.  Maybe I'll try snapping a few pics of Shep outside...which might be a miracle in itself since he tries to run after leaping in the air.

The following is an Animoto slide show of the before and after shots. 


1.  Personal creativity for family or school images.  Turn a familiar picture of a local monument into a watercolor print for a special gift. Any local store with photographic printing would be able to make a print.  There is also the online services such as Vistaprint which I've used for READ posters for the school library.
2. Professionally, make a folder of these watercolor images to use for quick Twitter poster quotations or presentation slide backgrounds.  Share the folder as needed for projects.

Sunday, July 5, 2015

#NOTATISTE15 Best of the Best

For the first year since 2009 (when ISTE was NECC), I stayed home from the summer pilgrimage to all things techie.  Yes, I missed my library tribe but needed the month of June to relax and just hang out.

However, the media is crammed with the ton of information that poured over the Twitter, blogs, and other social streams.  Here are a few I've collected for myself:

#NOTATISTE15 LiveBinder The LiveBinder team with great volunteers like Laura Gilchrist and Craig Yen put in hours of collecting and organizing resources.

ISTE Insights Flipboard organized by Sue Waters and the other Edublog team members.

#ISTELIB 2015 A Storify from Dr. Joyce Valenza to catch a bit of the ISTE Librarians Network fun. 

#NOTASTISTE15: The (Virtual) Experience set up by Anibal PachecoLT. Check this one out for quick links to live presentations.

Now to collect the great resources and ideas while I enjoy another cup of coffee. There is something to be said for just hanging out on the couch with an iPad.

You Are Invited for Learning & Sharing

You are invited to join me for the first monthly EducationPlus Library Media Specialist PLN here in the St. Louis area.  Check out the news...