YouTube Apps - Make Your Own GIF's

 Hurrah! This works!

Super easy way to create your own GIF's. Simply key in the word gif in front of the words youtube in the url of action shot you are wanting to capture.  For example:

With the click of the Enter key, your video is flipped over to GIFTY creator

Just complete the simple directions on the screen. The hardest part is to find the start and end points on the YouTube video.  Add a title and any other text or captions. Click Create GIF. Now you have a GIF of Justin Timberlake doing "The Carlton" with Alfonso Ribeiro.

The GIFYT Creator gives your three options to share your GIF creation with the first two being direct URL links to the GIF.  The third option allows you to embed the GIF. 

Quick GIF from Morrissey performing at Edgefield, Portland, Oregon

Easy and fun creative options for educators and students.

Thanks to Jay Atwood for this fun idea at the GAFE Summit in Kansas City.

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