Having Fun with Augmented Reality

How to entertain your library and relatives with an app for their phones and tablets.  Try out the coLAR App that combines coloring pages with 3D magic. The little video above was put together using my iPad in one hand and my iphone in the other one.

  • First download the app for your appropriate platform.

  • Print out the free coloring pages.  I was carried away with the free ones so splurged on the inexpensive set - I wanted that dragon!
  • Coloring the pages went best with highlighters or lighter colors of markers.  
  • Very important to follow the directions: do NOT color on the black outlines.  The outlines are what the app reads to make the augmented reality work.

Here is what my circulation desk at the NHS Library looked when I pulled out the iPad.
Library assistant sliding his hands under the image.

Coach Kristi Lee tries it out!
Fun times in the NHS Library during finals.

Great app to try out in the classroom to demonstrate augmented reality...
or just to entertain and amaze the family!
Check out coLAR App as seen below in the official video.

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