Google Search Stories

*Google has cancelled their Search Stories platform so you can no longer create stories.
Here is a quick review of a workshop presentation to my high school faculty
on locating informational articles in our school library database resources.
Hopefully, this makes the connection between Common Core Standards
and the role school librarians can play in collaborating with teachers.
Playing with Google Search Stories Video Creator is more fun than
throwing angry birds at hog heads! I can see using this as intro's to 
curriculum units, assessments, and professional development.

Google Search Story - School Librarians 

Want to make your own Google Search Story?  
Can you think of ways to use this with students?
Digital story telling combined with Google searching.
Book reviews, science term word walls, and introduction
for a persuasive essay are just a few examples.
Students will need a gmail or youtube account 
to upload their finished search stories to You Tube.
Alternately, a student can finish the search story and
the classroom teacher can upload the project to You Tube.
Google Search Story Video Creator and video tutorial
 follow after the examples.

Literature Unit - Julius Caesar by Shakespeare

I pulled my co-librarian, Rhonda Dobbs into the playground.
With her Communication Arts teaching background, this is 
the Google Search Story she devised with keywords and questions.

Book Review Google Search Story

A Dog's Purpose - Gateway Readers Award Nominee

Science Word Wall Google Search Story

Word walls are posted in many classrooms.  Why not
make a Google Search Story using the terms from that
list?  Easy student project to learn and define each term.

Google Search Story - Science Word Wall Example

Welcome to Northwest High School! Go Lions!


Google Search Stories Video Creator

Google Search Stories Video Tutorial