WeVideo - Total Win!

Testing WeVideo with just random library pics resulting in a pretty nice slideshow.

Why I started dancing and making happy geeky noises tonight! Geeky noises - like squeals of happiness! My family thought I had lost it totally! I had sent out a Twitter from school library this morning using my handy iPhone - desperately hoping something would appear to save us. Let me explain!

We librarians and the instructional tech teacher have been having a slow melt-down knowing video projects were being assigned on Monday.  We are not a school with the funds for a video production lab. Our video editing journey started with  the Flip cameras and their included software.  That worked until the Flips became infected with a virus and killed the editing software.  We edited with Windows Moviemaker but had the problem of students not having editing time at the school.  Combine the number of formats students brought in on cameras and cell phone cams then attempting editing was another headache. We loved Jaycut last year - the teachers loved it - no worries about Youtube! Then the sad news for us educators, Jaycut was bought by Blackberry. The media center staff still can use our accounts but no new accounts can be added.

Still no answer this afternoon to my Twitter plea 
Best online movie editing software? Free or subscription! Need recommendations!!!

While re-organizing my Google Reader, this post from Richard Byrne's Free Tech for Teachers  jumped off the page. He had discovered We Video - an online video editing program. I tried it out using some pictures from my library. Loved the transitions- listened to the audio library which is extensive but pulled a file from our Soundzabound collection and did a quick upload. Since the program is in beta, you get the advantage of the "Plus" account. I exported to YouTube and even downloaded a copy to embed in the school library webpage. Youtube copy had nice resolution. The downloaded copy looks fine but I can see myself purchasing an upgrade for those extra pixels.

What really caught my attention was the ability to collaborate on projects.  Uploading media and editing on the same project would definitely work for group projects.  Breaking down a project into video/picture production, graphics & transitions, audio, and even narration is possible. Project for this weekend will be to edit the Homecoming Assembly pics and videos into a fun video for the web page.
This looks like a WIN for students and teachers!


WeVideo enables easier online video editing: DEMO Fall 2011