Good Times @ TL Virtual Cafe - Back to School Special

Just a quick note to say what good times had by one and all last night at the TL Virtual Cafe webinar with Gwyneth Jones & Tiff Whitehead.  Nikki Robertson dropped a tweet earlier asking how I added VoiceThread book reviews to Follett's Destiny Quest catalog. To do this fast from the schoolhouse, here are the directions and suggestions.

How to add VoiceThread Book Reviews to Destiny Quest

  1. Search for Book Title in Library Search.
  2. Click on Edit Title.
  3. Click on tab Resources.
  4. Add URL for Voice Thread
  5. Add Description.  Example: VoiceThread Book Review 2011
  6. I don’t add the student’s name to keep that information private.  On VoiceThread, the students only list their first name with initial so the teacher can assess their presentations.

Here is the link to high school’s Destiny Quest

Search for The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank.  It is the copy from Bantam Editions 1993.  Burgundy cover

I also linked to a book review I found on SchoolTube which isn’t blocked at my school.  I have a school video channel which is a free teacher subscription and plan on using it for book review videos. 

I would like to link to book trailers from the publishers but most of those are on YouTube which is blocked.  Wish the publishers would set up education sites for their videos!

I tested adding a media review which works really well in Destiny Quest. However, linking eliminates the issue of publishing under the book review and taking up digital space on the server for video reviews.