It's Not Just About Facebook

This is going to be short and to the point.

On behalf of our members, MSTA has requested the Circuit Court of Cole County determine the constitutionality of the social media portion of a new state law. This law is Senate Bill 54 - the Amy Hestir Student Protection Act.

To make the voices of Missouri teachers heard, five MSTA teachers have stepped up and signed on as plaintiffs in the case.  I'm one of the five - the school librarian.  That said, here are the links to the actual petition, press release, and more. It's not just about Facebook or Twitter. I recommend that you read the petition and keep up with the news. This is not just for the high school teachers - it will impact every Missouri teacher at every grade level either in the classroom, your community or church work, or your rights as a parent.

Read petition.
Read press release.

Fox 2 St. Louis article and interview