Time to Walk & Twitter @ #maslsc11

I'm working on last minute details for my presentation "Walking in Our Teacher Librarian Shows" for the MASL Spring Conference.  My workshop time slots have been moved from the original workshop listing on  the handout page.  The Workshop Grid now has me presenting on Sunday @ 2:00 - 3:00 which is the first workshop time.  I blinked when I saw where my presentation is taking place - talk about needing your hiking boots - way over in "Building B" in the Drawing Room Terrace.  Positive side is that we'll have lots of room! Haven't had lunch driving down to the Lake? Then head out early for the Drawing Room and stop at the Food Court for a snack. 

My 2nd presentation takes place on Tuesday, 11:30 - 12:30 - the last time slot.  Good news!  I'll be presenting in Room 62 right on the 6th floor across from the Grand Ballroom. Perfect to come over after listening to David Loertscher, the keynote speaker for the Tuesday Brunch. 

Any Twitter people out there coming to MASL?  I had posted a question on the forum regarding a hashtag for MASL conference.  Had a couple of replies, thank you!  Tonight MASL sent out an email with our official hashtag.  Hurrah!
Join me on Twitter today.  Set up a column on Tweetdeck to collect the #maslsc11 tweets.