Jumps in the Deep End

After reading and reviewing multiple blogs, tweets, etc., I thought..really...should I add my words to the flood of information?  I have a saying when teaching the teachers in my district "Jump in the deep end!" which means for them to take that first step even if it is over their heads and depend on each other to learn how to swim in this new education pool of technology.  So now I'm taking my own advice!

I'm being realistic to know I won't have time to write profound thoughts on the state of school libraries with 2,200 students plus teachers in my high school scheduling time in the high school library. Finally, after holiday chocolate & carb overload, I decided just to put together a place to organize my personal learning network.  First, free webinars for educators are listed everywhere!  Pulling the ones I'm interested in attending in one Google calendar might be helpful to other folks sitting out there wondering how to even find that RSS feed they set up two years ago at a workshop!  Check out the Webinar Calendar posted underneath this posting.  As I work my way back into my school emails, I'll add upcoming events for the new year.  I'm just tickled to find a blogger template that so reminds me of my handy notebook I still have on my office desk (which has its share of paper clips and sticky notes). Tossing in my fav blogs to read plus those nings are digital reminders to catch up on professional networking.  Also, there are some great vodcasts for school librarians & teachers posted - a great way to have an after-school get-together in the library. I do use Twitter but only from home...one of those firewall blocked sites at the schoolhouse. 

My goal for this blog project is to share good ideas for personal learning on your own time (though inviting a friend over to share a bag of microwave popcorn is a good idea).  I'll be searching the nets for more webinar goodies hiding out on the nets.  See you in the chat rooms!


Love, love, love it, Linda!!! It's very YOU! Eclectic, bright, & fun! Congrats, hon!